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Sweet moments, cherished bites. Cake Your Day.

Time to gift!

At Cake Your Day we ensure we always have delicious cupcakes and treats available to suit all events throughout the year. Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter or Christmas we have you covered. Keep an eye out on our facebook page to see what we have on offer.

Postal biscuit decorating kits

£12 plus postage
Need a unique gift for a child? Our postal biscuit decorating boxes provide a unique gift that is creative and fun.
The kit includes 4 iced biscuits, 3 icing tubes, a paint palette and brush plus sprinkles.
Choose from a variety of themes.

Loaded brownies

Everyone loves brownies so why not have a loaded brownie to celebrate that special occasion. Our Signature brownies are topped with chocolate buttercream and your favourite chocolate treats.